How To Dress: Oversized Style

Whenever you think of buying clothes, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?


For me, it is definitely COMFORT.


Comfort can come in many ways:

Comfort in the materials of a piece of clothing, comfort in its design, and comfort in how you style the piece.


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And this is exactly why oversized style pieces are well-loved by many today.

It allows for a lazy casual style that you can put on and look good with ease.  


Oversized fit

Oversized style tees emphasize on an exaggerated boxy silhouette, which means that it is not meant to fit traditionally like your regular tees.

For example, an obvious point would be that its sleeves do not start right at your shoulder, but will be draped lower towards your arms.


This offers comfort for people of all sizes. Rather than trying to force yourself to fit into a regular tee, an oversized fit helps to provide a comfortable and versatile fit.


Slim bottoms

Another advantage of these tees is that they can be worn without any additional layering. The oversized silhouette allows for a unique and trendy look in itself.


That being said, you can style the oversized tees with slim bottoms for a good contrast. Both slim bermudas/pants/jeans will do the job well.


Having both an oversized top and baggy pants can be too outdated, reminiscent of the style in the 90s. But if that’s what you are comfortable with, feel free to go for it too.


Athleisure casual

Wearing an oversized tee will definitely offer a casual look, so this outfit should be worn for more casual occasions.

In terms of your footwear choice, it is best to pair the tee with sneakers to complete the overall casual look.


Final notes

This might not be your usual dressing style, so you may find it awkward at times.

However, to pull off an oversized style look, you also have to be absolutely confident about it.


So try to dress in style and walk with confidence today!


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