Our Outfits: Effortless Casual

There has been a great emphasis on comfort and practicality in one’s outfit, with fast fashion producing an endless stream of new designs seemingly everyday.

Enter: Oversized looks

Looks with oversized tees can be a new style to many, but it is definitely a style that is trendy right now. The boxy fit that they offer provide an easy casual look for people of all body types.


Here’s a whole casual outfit that will be your best wingman in all types of occasions, be it parties, festivals and even a simple date.

This style exudes a fashionable look in an effortless way, along with an overall athleisure vibe. This is in tune with the current age of athleisure that is popular everywhere.


Important style notes? Pants need to be slim or skinny to accentuate the look of the oversized silhouette. Flashier and louder accessories can also be used together to blend in naturally with the simple and casual outfit.


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